Feedback on portfolio:

Marker: Siân Etherington

Date: January 2016

Grade: Pass

(Please note: marks and feedback are subject to internal and external moderation).

Dear Paul

Thank you for your completed portfolio which I very much enjoyed reading. The portfolio showed steady reflection on your experiences throughout the module and a development in your approaches to teaching which is informed by your reading. I particularly liked your reflection on the Learning through Play experience and wish you success in the further development of this approach.

In terms of assessment criteria:

Use of literature: Although you did not use a broad range of literature, what you reference shows clear reflective use to further inform and develop your practice. There is some use of discipline specific literature.

Engagement with UKPSF framework: You show clear and successful engagement with the key areas of the framework and understanding of areas for development.

Reflection: Your reflection moves beyond the descriptive to show how you have developed your approaches to teaching and student learning with support from appropriate literature.

Please let me know if you’ve got any questions about this feedback or if there is anything further you wish to discuss.

Thank you so much for your work and contributions to the module throughout. I wish you all the best for the second module on the programme.

Best wishes